What to do if Baby isn't Co-operating! | Baby Photography Melbourne

Settling baby!

Newborns are a miracle and we want to show our new little bundle looking peaceful and relaxed when they have their first photos taken.  We've all seen those photos of new little babies posed in baskets, boxes and all sorts of poses that just seem as though they are the perfect baby, cooperating with every photo you wish to get.  Unfortunately this doesn't always happen and this is where lifestyle photography comes into play. 

Crying is a natural, real emotion that all newborns have for most of their first few months of life. Embrace this moment in time. It won’t be long before you forget how their little forehead wrinkled up whenever they screamed, or how their toes would get all stretched out and tense when he was upset. Let me capture those little details.  You want your photos to evoke real emotion and demonstrate the love you have for your child as you try to soothe them.  These tender moments are just as important, if not more so, than the sleeping, posed photos.

A newborn photo session is to preserve those first memories of your newborn's life.  Whilst posed photos can be cute, in years to come you're not going to look back and think wow, look how my baby was able to do this great pose!  The memories you'll have will be you comforting your baby, humming a lullaby to settle them and them gazing into your eyes with amazement and love.