The Many Faces of a Toddler! | Children's Photography Bayside, Melbourne

The term 'Toddler' refers to when a child learns to walk which invariably happens around 1 - 2 years of age.  It's a very important time in a child's development as it's the time between infancy and childhood when they learn and grow in many ways. 

The frustration, confusion and mood swings during the toddler stage are normal as they're long on will and short on skill.  Along comes the tantrums as they are finding their place in this big, scary world. 

The toddler stage is when children learn to walk, talk, solve problems and relate to others.  They love to be independent and want to do things for themselves as they're bursting with energy and ideas and yearn to explore. 

I love this time as your child is so expressive and can be sad, upset and angry one minute and then burst into laughter at the smallest thing.  This is a wonderful time to capture those moments.

The many faces of a toddler!