Sunny Afternoon | Children's/Family Photography Melbourne

It was glorious Autumn day and my client and I decided to meet at Albert Park Lake.  I forgot that they still hadn't pulled down all the Grand Prix stands around the lake but I had a bit of a buzz driving on the track under the signs from the race.  I've photographed my client's eldest son 4 years ago at 2 1/2 and since they've added another little boy to the family.   It just so happened he's now 2 1/2 as well. 

Brother's throwing Autumn leaves!
Toddler playing Peek a Boo!
Brothers playing with wind blowers!
Toddler blowing bubbles!
Brother's cuddles!
Children feeding the birds!
Children chillin' by the lake!
Brother's - Where's my ball!
Children running!
Toddler grin!
Cheeky child!