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 I’ve always loved photography going way back to using 35mm film.  Remember when you were young and film was developed at the Chemist or local photo shop and how excited we were to pick up your photos and look at a printed photo?  We couldn’t wait to put them in our photo albums and even now, how much we love looking back at our photos and the memories they share?  The computer just doesn’t have the same effect.  I believe photos you hold in your hands are so much more valuable than digital versions. 

 I’m just as bad, I keep telling myself that I must print my personal photos that are stuck on my hard drive on my computer.  It’s so easy to think I must get around to it but the more you put off having them printed, they accumulate and it becomes a momentous task!    

The digital age is here.  The ability to share your photos with family all over the world is amazing.  The scary part is that hard drives aren’t reliable and have parts that eventually fail, so what next?  Technology is always changing and the devices that we use now will probably be redundant in years to come.  Photographs gain value over time so it’s imperative that we print our photos now to make sure that we’ll have them to show for future generations. 

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I include prints in every package I offer.  I’m all inclusive right now, so everyone gets digital photos on a USB drive, as well as 6 x 4” fine art archival prints of their selected photos.  Archival paper is referred to as ‘Museum grade’, made of cotton and highly resistant to ageing and deterioration over time.  Archival paper is acid free and lignin free, in other words the paper is less likely to yellow and deteriorate.  Of course I also offer larger print sizes, fine art and coffee albums and mount boards all printed on archival photo paper. 

Digital images are wonderful for sharing online but having a tangible print in a beautiful album is an heirloom to be handed down through the generations.

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