Summer Photo Opportunities | Family Lifestyle Photography Bayside, Melbourne

Summer is almost here, well officially and I thought I'd suggest some different activities for your family photo sessions.  When you think of having a family shoot you picture slightly more posed shots and everyone looking their best.  To really capture the essence of who your family is, it's great to organise a few activities not only to keep the children entertained but give a more relaxed feel to your photos and really bring out those natural smiles.  Some ideas are:

Photograph your family playing in the Sprinkler

Yep, you guessed it, bathers, water, plastic toys, wet hair, chasing each other with the hose, all out fun!  The children will be having so much fun (and so will you) that they won't even notice the camera. 

Boy playing with the hose!

Head to the beach

We can take photos of your kids building sandcastles, jumping waves, giggling, burying themselves in the sand, etc.  The list is endless!

Little toddler carrying bucket of water at the beach!
Toddler kicking the ball at the beach!
Father and son at the beach
Little boy kicking the water at the beach!

Picnic at your local park

Load up the kids with a picnic lunch, throw in your picnic blanket and have a play date at your nearby park.  There's so many great parks around that also have lakes with ducks and play equipment to keep the kids entertained for hours.

Mum playing the her kids!
Toddler playing at the park!

Don't worry about if the kids getting wet, as long as they don't get a chill, let them have a ball jumping in puddles and even playing in some mud.  I love these photo opportunities.  These are the memories that they and you will cherish from their childhood. 

Toddler covered in mud!