Meet Jenn

Jenn Bullen's passage into the world of photography was ignited long ago however officially commenced when she launched Watch Them Grow Photography.

Jenn's photographs evoke sincere emotion. Conveying sentiments and capturing momentary glimpses of the inner self, she focuses on children and families situated in their authentic surroundings. Her images are influenced by the location....allowing it to define a natural relationship with the subject and from there she guides the setting until it fulfils her expectations.

Whilst 'juggling' the camera....through her lens, she endeavours to seek, unearth and reveal lingering secrets that bind individuals and families together. Capturing the innocence, the unique personality, emerging only from within the subject....the results are beautifully tender in their sincerity and sentiment.

Jenn is living her dream...people who recognise their passion of photography and carry it out, no matter what, inspire me to keep going when things become's never too late to do what you love and follow your passion....a girl can dream can't she?
- Dana Zandler