Meet Jenn

I’m a full time photographer, married to my wonderful husband, a Mum to our beautiful son and two little dogs that makes it seem like I have three children.

Photography feeds me, a calling that inspires me to express my inner voice conveying emotion and creativity! 

Photography found me at a very young age…..going right back to when my parents gifted me my first camera.  Any family event, it was me that documented it!  I studied film photography and development part time way back when and even set up my own darkroom in a spare bedroom (to my house mates dismay)!  

I’ve realised that my passion is to create beautiful and meaningful photography of children and families.  Nothing gives me more joy than capturing that split second moment that truly encapsulates a person’s connection and emotion for the ones they love. 

One of my favourite movies is “Bed of Roses”.  Christian Slater plays a florist and describes how happy it makes him when he sees the joy and look on a person’s face when they receive their flowers.  This is how I feel about photography.  If I can capture the true essence of my clients and give them that look of joy when they first view their photos, that’s when I know I’m doing what I’m supposed to do.